Delivery Program


1) Fill out your personal information.

2) Choose what you want grown for you. (Minimum $20)

3) Submit your order to receive payment instructions & delivery information within 24 hours. (First delivery takes 1-3 weeks) 

- You can email to request samples

Personal Information

Order Type

Minimum Order: $20/per order. FREE Delivery to Castle Rock, $5-10 delivery charge for surrounding areas (Castle Pines, Parker, Sedalia, Larkspur).

You can cancel, pause, or change your order/subscription with a two week buffer. For example: If you have a delivery scheduled for 2/14, and you wanted to cancel, pause, or change you order; it would have to be by 2/1.

See MENU for pictures and descriptions

** = Best Sellers

CP = Chefs Pick


Feel free to email, text or call if you have any questions at all! 

Container Choice

Contact if you are ordering for a restaurant, workplace, juice bar or any bulk order. Prices will be lower if the order is large enough. Other varieties may be available upon request.

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