Delivery Program


1) Fill out your personal information.

2) Choose what you want grown for you. (Minimum $20)

3) Submit your order to receive payment instructions & delivery information within 24 hours. The form must be reviewed first. (First delivery takes 1-3 weeks) 

- You can email to request samples

Personal Information

Order Type

-Minimum Order: $20/per order. FREE Delivery to Castle Rock, pick up option available for anyone outside of Castle Rock.

-You can cancel, pause, or change your order/subscription with a two week buffer. For example: If you have a delivery scheduled for 2/14, and you wanted to cancel, pause, or change you order; it would have to be by 2/1.

-Refer friends/family/co-workers to get $20 off your next order 

See MENU for pictures and descriptions

** = Best Sellers

CP = Chefs Pick


Feel free to email, text or call if you have any questions at all! 

Container Choice

Thanks for submitting! We have recieved your order. You will get a welcome email as well as an email containing the invoice before your delivery. These emails will contain more information about the delivery service and date of delivery.

Contact if you are ordering for a restaurant, workplace, juice bar or any bulk order. Prices will be lower if the order is large enough. Other varieties may be available upon request.